A Printing Company does Web?

 I know right? It’s sort of like a soda company making fruit juice

The Challenge

Have you ever noticed that design aesthetics seem to come in flows of commonality? Company “A” releases a new environment, and pretty soon companies “B” through “Y” have followed suit? There is a reason for this and it’s pretty simple. In a theme based digital world, the flattery of imitation is not only encouraged, but simplified. You want to stand out from the crowd, you want to put forward who YOU are and be lost in the trend of the day but you want it be seamless, flawless and a joy to behold for all who view it, use it and see it as a digital representation of who and what you have worked so hard to become.

The Solution

At Northview we go beyond putting your logo on whats “trending” and look to the heart of what your brand represents. Whether we are refreshing your current logo and environment or “starting from scratch” with established brands or start ups it is our mission to ensure you look your best. From content creation and management to full out brand re-positioning talk to us and our in-house experts will work with you to deliver the exceptional. Look North, Make YOUR Mark

Cutting edge responsive design

If you think about it, we are in the business of making you look great. Proper use of colour, proper placement of images, content and graphics and a “pop” that makes people take a second and third look. I could have just described the making of a really amazing business card but I didn’t. I just described a web page. Northview understands what it takes to look great, and has the people who work with you to build it. Nothing outsourced, nothing 3rd partied.

Mobile matters

Traditionally, people used mobile sites to find directions, a phone number or a price. They still do. They are also starting to place orders, write reviews and read content. But not for everything. Its important to understand the strengths and limitations of your environment and use that information to create and provide something that is uniquely designed for you. It is true in almost everything when they say “Just because you could, it doesn’t mean you SHOULD”

Trip the light fantastic

We love big bright beautiful pictures, infographics and rich media but when is too much, too much? Fundamentally our business has been built on knowing whats not enough and what is too much when it comes to representing you, our customer. That knowledge transfers between all our verticals from digital to offset to web.

Its just a call or an email

Find out what we can do with you to set you apart. Fully embracing the design aesthetics in Human Eye Optimization, and the build requirements and content strategies for a fully responsive and findable environment.

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