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Don't go in alone. Northview can help you make YOUR mark

At Northview we have been assisting new and growing businesses for over 28 years. It seems like such a simple thing. You come up with a logo, a tag line, then throw them onto a business card and some letterhead and you’re good to go right? At Northview we don’t think so. What your card, your letterhead, your website… all your branded collateral looks like says a lot about what you have to offer and how serious you are about how you do business.

No, we aren’t saying you need to find a creative agency and pay thousands for someone to develop a logo (it’s actually something we support when you start to grow) but what we are saying is that if you are serious about starting up, be serious about how you are represented by your digital platforms AND your stationery.

Northview has always worked hard with Start-ups and Entrepreneurs to make them look their best because we understand the struggles. We understand the budget limitations, we understand you have a business to run we want you to succeed.

Call or email us to find out how our starter packages can ramp you up faster than you ever imagined.

Website hosting / design / domain services / SSL services

E-commerce design and management

Email hosting / provisioning

Data management (growable and cost effective PIM systems and backups)

Oh, did I forget Printing? We Can handle all your printing too

We will work WITH you, every step of the way, to make sure you look as great as you are. Professional. Efficient. Diligent. We are providers but more importantly, we are partners.


Expertly designed stationery crafted by master printers. Don’t present a business card with the same tired design and logo that 1000 people before you found online. Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes and 100 other pieces of printed collateral designed and created only for you. Be memorable, professional and above all, prepared.


We have all seen the commercials. “Make a professional looking website in minutes with ****** for only pennies a day!” Sounds great, but doesn’t always work out so great. At Northview, we can give that option to you with our starter hosting package, or we can professionally design, build and manage a beautiful digital presence JUST for you. With fully managed packages starting at only $51.99 a month, let us do what we do so well, so you can too.

Amazing Marketing Collateral

Sometimes it can be a little over whelming when you are starting a business. Going to a trade show and don’t want to give out photocopies? Does your booth banner and flags look like you made them yourself? We want you to succeed and we know how to make your presentation materials look amazing. Exceptional quality, Amazing services, and pricing that shows we really do know how hard it can be when you are just starting out

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