Professional Imaging and Scanning

Professional Product Photography, Product Information Management and Multi-Format Scanning. There are a lot of things that businesses take for granted these days and Northview is here to ensure that you’re covered.

Professional Product Photography and Industrial Level Scanning

For 12 years, Northview has been creating and securing information for its clients

Product Photography

We have produced literally 1000’s of catalogs in our 28 years and a large number of the product photos contained in those catalogs where taken by Northview. An extremely specialized form of Photography, Nothview has mastered what is truly an art form and delivers exceptionally crisp, accurate and beautiful reproductions of products (everything from a screw to a sofa to a shoe to a fashion model) to its clients, guaranteed. Using the finest equipment and with a commitment to multi-purpose results, your product shots are properly clipped, scaled, named and delivered securely. On-time, On Budget.


“It was devastating. We lost it all. Hard drives, contracts, drawings. I am not sure we will ever recover what was lost” This is what we heard from an art gallery in Orangeville that suffered a fire 10 years ago. Sounds pretty extreme, but even a simple fire or water leak, and that could be you. Companies all over Canada have thousands, tens of thousands of documents, drawings, contracts, photo’s and more sitting in file cabinets in warehouses and office storage areas becoming brittle, losing integrity and frankly, taking up space unnecessarily. At Northview, we will convert all of those documents into a functioning, searchable, editable and secure database system

Secure Digital Archiving

Excellent! You have made the decision to take all your loose, old, “hard copy” files and drawings and digitize them. That is a huge step towards securing your past information and history for the future. But now what? You could store the files on a portable hard drive, DVD’s or USB keys and leave them at home, maybe even take the step of sending them off to secure storage, Or, you can create a secure, fully backed up, fully searchable and index-able system available to anyone you provide access too, from anywhere in the world, at any time. Talk to Northviews Business Services Division and find out how we can make your data safer, more accessible and fully secured.

Need to secure and access your data?

Call us at 905-738-5353 or drop us a line at nvs@northviewonline.com and find out how Northview Business Services can work for your business

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