How do you manage your products?

Do you PIM? Product Information Management or PIM is focused on centrally managing information about products, with a focus on the data required to market and sell the products through one or more distribution channels. One data source for catalogues, web, and e-commerce.

So many products

Whether you have 100 products or 10,000 it can sometimes be a daunting task to manage not just the location of that data and its maintenance but also the effective and accurate portrayal of that information in a meaningful way. We get it, and we know what to do with it to make it more powerful and more effective for you

Wait a second….

“So with this type of system Northview can not only easily enter, remove, edit, suspend product, but also generate print and digital catalogs AND populate our e-commerce environment”?

“Yes, we can”


But we have a spreadsheet for that…

AWESOME! But not good enough anymore. Let Northview show you how you can better manage your products. A complete product view with all images, technical drawings, marketing collateral, even the geographically assigned distributor or agent for each specific product… And did we mention you can use the information on your website too?

Simply your Product Management


The increasing number of channels for product data (e.g., web sites, smartphones, tablets, print catalogs, electronic data feeds, bricks-and-mortar-stores) emphasized the need for product information management, as information kept by businesses is frequently scattered throughout disparate departments and held by certain employees or systems instead of being available centrally. Product data often exists in ERP systems, R&D PLM systems, spreadsheets and even personal databases. Let Northview show you how you can do it better. When we saw that we already manage hundreds of paper and stock types, thousands of plates, hundreds of inks and dozens of districts we knew we could help others better manage their product infrastructure  .. Believe me, we are really good at this.



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