Complete Data Protection and Management

Northview’s Online Backup & Recovery solution automatically backs up your data, safeguarding it on a proven infrastructure with guaranteed connectivity. It will keep your data safe, confidential and accessible anywhere, anytime
without draining your IT resources or budget.


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Cloud Hosting and Services

Certified, trained and friendly Web hosting support technicians, 24/7 server monitoring and management, and an easy-to-use control panel to manage your website do make a difference. Plus, on signup you get access to a ton of pre-configured web apps for your website. Windows or Linux, single domain or multi-domain. We would love to build and host your site, but when you just need hosting, we can do that too

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Outstanding 24 / 7 support

At Northview you are not just a “client number” you are a very important part of the family of customers who rely on us for more than just their printing and design needs. We may not be the biggest provider (and we like it that way!) but we do like to think that when it comes to personalized support, and personalized service, bigger isn’t always better. We understand the confusion and irritation that comes with choosing and managing a provider for your online services,  and we help take that confusion out of the equation so you can focus on your business

Plans built for YOU

A lot of providers out there have their plans and you are welcome to compare what they offer, but how often do they speak to you about your needs, and develop the plan thats perfect for YOU? At Northview, we have found the best way to properly service our customers is to work with them to provide the right collection of services, at the right price, with the service Northview is famous for.

We work hard, so you don't have too

Its easy really, you call us, tell one of our infrastructure experts what’s up, then we work with you to package the perfect solution and implementation plan. Need 2 Virtual Private Servers, 47 hosted exchange mailboxes, 350GB of managed backup, “anywhere & anytime” access to the data, 3 domain names and a professionally designed, built and hosted web site? No problem. Need some space to host your website with a cpanel? Thats no problem either. We manage the plans, manage the process and manage the implementations … Because you have a business to run

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I never thought we would find the solution we needed through what we believed was “just” a printing company, boy were we wrong. Frustrated with searching the internet for the services we wanted, someone recommended we call Northview. To say we were pleased with the attention, service, and excellence in implementation would be an understatement. We called, spoke to Lou, and in a couple of days had a complete package of services priced well and serviced beyond our expecations ”

Borealis Systems

“Having gotten to know Northview thanks to their charity and not for profit programs, we were on the phone talking about a print job that needed to be redesigned because we had lost the original files . To our surprise Lou mentioned that he could help us better manage and secure our files. Low and behold, a week later, we have all our data (servers AND workstations) not only completely backed up and secure, but available to our cross country teams whenever they need it. The pricing was in line with other providers but what set them apart was the implementation and service.”

Canadian Brain Tumour Foundation

“When we got first started our home based business, we thought we could do it all ourselves. We went online, searched all over, went to the pages of companies we saw advertised on TV and set everything up ourselves and thought we did a pretty good job. As we grew, we quickly discovered that the last thing we had time for was managing or email, web site and backups. We didn’t want to hire someone specifically manage it all part time, and we were losing track of what bits and pieces would get billed on what day, what content needed to be changed, and whether or not we were compliant with all the new CASL laws. We don’t worry anymore, and we have never been happier”

A Kiss of Sunshine

Don't Be Shy

We love email and contact forms sure, but sometimes nothing beats a chat. Call us, let us know what you need, and we will work with you to provide it for a fair price and always with Northviews exceptional service


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