Its funny. Thanks to programs just like the one we offer you to create your own collateral, people have lost touch with the “artist” part of “graphic artist” and more importantly, just how much skill, knowledge, training and instinct that’s required to be a truly effective collaborator.


Meet Lana, the head of our graphics department.

Classically trained in Graphic Arts, Lana knows the importance of colour choices and blending and the importance of font selection and size. She is also desperately aware of the mistakes a lot of people can make when they are trying to make a logo or design of their own.

Years of experience has not only given Lana and the design team at Northview a very deep understanding of what it takes to make the greatest impact for you and your brand but it has also taught her and the team what NOT to do. You want your business to be looked at like it’s the best at what it does. We have Lana and her team to make sure that is exactly what happens.

If you have any questions about print design, graphic design, graphic artistry or anything else and would like Lana and the teams expertise, drop us a line.