Web 2 Print – We have all seen it, and a lot of us have tried it. Last year (2014) BILLIONS was spent in North America alone by businesses ordering everything from business cards and letterhead to stay at home moms and dads ordering custom birthday invitations for little Dakota or Coltons birthday party. Being a commercial printer who occasionally gets walk in traffic and referrals from existing clients to do birthday invitations (and has starting building its own online marketplace) Northview did some digging to see exactly HOW so many printing companies could pop up so quickly when we know that the equipment alone for a proper shop can cost into the millions, not to mention the need to find qualified trades people to run that equipment .. Something must be up.


Guess what? You can be a printer too. Well, a print “reseller” anyway. Its easy really. You pay someone anywhere from a few dollars a day to literally hundreds of dollars a month and they will give you a “custom” web site, completely pre-populated with templates, design software, even the pricing you should charge! You market the hell out of your site, people come to it, and they place an order!!! Awesome right? Those orders then get shipped to the customer from “you” and everyone is a winner! … Well, not exactly …



What you don’t get is expertise, history, the ability to call your printer and ask questions or drop by. You don’t get the artistry, the reputation, the exacting focus on quality and service and you certainly don’t get to talk to Lou or Peter. Before you order from an online retailer .. do your home work. Quality is something that speaks for itself, but it can’t speak very loudly when you don’t where its coming from. There are some extremely reputable and high quality online printing suppliers (and we are one of them) but if you look closely, you’ll notice a LOT of similarities in a majority of the retailers you find on the internet and if there is one thing that we at Northview hate to see … it is our industry being minimized by fly by night 3rd party resellers. They don’t just make established quality printers look bad, but they may not give you what you need to look GREAT!