His name is David and he is a master pressman. For those “not in the know” a master pressman is an artist. An expert in colour creation, mechanics, and troubleshooting, but ultimately an artist of the highest order. With the proliferation of online print shops, the opinion that “anyone can print anything” and the sometimes misunderstood belief that all printing is the same, we thought it was important to give a little history, and some important facts, when you are considering how you want your next job handles and we can think of no one better to explain it than one of our master pressman.


“The printingĀ  industry has been affected by the introduction of many technological changes and by the rise in information technologies, including the Internet. It should be noted that, contrary to some observations, about three-quarters of the work is still driven by business needs: printing of business forms, stationary etc or advertising materials and the highest quality results for those items is still achieved on a press, not a “photo copier”

The most significant technological changes have involved the digitization of printing activities. Right now, conventional presses co-exist with digital presses, and the use of the digital equipment is only increasing. Looking back, I am sure people remember what business cards used to look and feel like. you could feel the text, you could feel the fiber in the stock they were printed on. You could, for lack of a better way to say it … feel the quality. Now a days, people expect that their business cards and stationary, the very things that represent them to the outside world, should be generic and glossy and cost $15 and be ready in 2 hours. Sure, Northview can provide those services and products and does so with the same pride in service and excellence of quality it does with everything it creates, there are still enough people interested in the highest quality and expert craftsmanship that traditional presses provide that my team and I seldom get much of a break”

At Northview the choice is yours. Unlike a lot of “online retailers” who farm out your order for a commission or because they just don’t have the equipment, technology or expertise to do it right Northview does. Whether you choose to print on our state of the art digital presses, or decide that the craftsmanship and artistry of one of our master pressman better suits your needs, we are ready.